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Today is Thursday, July 31, 2014

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Julien Poydras Center  New Roads, LA 



 Tuesday   February 11, 2014 

Julien Poydras Center   | 500 West Main Street | New Roads, LA 



The Freedman's Bureau in Pointe Coupée 1866-1867

Historian Brian J. Costello will share a fascinating  intimate look at the rebuilding of  Pointe Coupée after the Civil War during the tenure of the Freedman's Bureau 1866-1867.  This event is sponsored by the Pointe Coupée Historical Society and part of the society's speaker series. For more information please call 225.638.6575 or visit www.pointecoupeehistoricalsociety.org.





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Thanks to all who attended the 5th Annual Foundations of  Pointe Coupée Community Series Forum on Saturday October 19th.  Stay tuned...an epublication and videos from the event to be available on this site March 2014.  All forum admission proceeds will benefit the effort to preserve Pointe Coupée's 52 volumes of historical civil records in dire need of preservation. Fundraising is ongoing until all volumes have been properly conserved.  Please consider donating to preserve Pointe Coupée's rich heritage!  Donations accepted by: The Pointe Coupée Historical Society | 500 West Main Street | New Roads, LA  70760

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Welcome to Pointe Coupée Parish History, a virtual lens connecting the past to the present for Pointe Coupée Parish, Louisiana. Founded in the early 18th century, as part of the vast French colony of la Louisiane, her heritage is embedded in French Louisiana Creole traditions influenced by Spanish and American.  A history rich in purpose, people, and cultureenveloped in a breath-taking natural environment. 

History belongs to each of us. Our Archives liberate the story of Pointe Coupée. Here you will find content categorized by historical eras, reviving the words of the past through transcriptions and translations of original records, as well as a documented e-book enhanced by excerpts in audio.

A public and educational resource, we make it accessible to community, teachers, students, and professionals alike. More than just an opportunity to browse and learn, everyone can participate, contribute, and comment about Pointe Coupée Parish. Unique features assist teachers and students in engaging and interactive learning.





 Now Available  Brian J. Costello's book  A History of Pointe Coupée Parish, Louisiana  Murray G. Le Beau Memorial Edition






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